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The Brand


In the heart of every adventure, amidst the whirlwind of life’s daily quests, stands Ookpik, a symbol of Nordic elegance and resilience. We are the symphony of style and strength, crafting jackets that are not just garments but companions in every journey, be it amidst the whispering pines or the bustling city streets. Our jackets are the shields for the everyday warriors who navigate through the realms of work, family, and friendship with care and determination.

Drawing inspiration from our rich Canadian heritage, we bridge the realms of Inuit roots and European culture, creating a harmonious dance of trend and technicality. Proudly designed in Montreal, OOKPIK brings together in each model all the experience and knowledge of the Canadian coat, offering a high-end and affordable collection that

stands out because it is both technical and suitable for everyday use.

Founded in 2011 by Sylvain Roy, Ookpik has soared the skies of reputation, becoming a symbol of quality and reliability in North America and beyond. Our winter parkas and down jackets are the whispers of the Canadian winds, the warmth of the embracing snow, distributed across Canada, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Europe, shining in over 450 points of sale.

Ookpik is the ess

ence of everyday adventure, the Nordic style for the souls who seek, who explore, who live every moment with passion and purpose. We are the companions in your odyssey, the warmth in your winters, the elegance in your style.

Wear Ookpik to weather all of life’s storms.

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