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Are you looking for a lightweight, breatheble coat that will offer a flawless thermal protection? Down is a very effective and ultracompressible natural insulator. Ookpik takes up the challenge with white duck down coats and parkas, designed specifically for our harsh winters.


In bad weather, rainfall can quickly soak a badly chosen coat and leave a trail of sweet wet dog fragrance. Foresight, then! Our coat must protect us effectively from snow, wind, rain, ice, sleet ... alouette! Ookpik is distinguished by its waterproof materials and beading finishes.

Technical Design: 1 - Mother Nature: 0.


100% STYLE

You will wear your coat every day for many months. You better choose an advantageous cut that will make you want to smile, even with both feet in the slush.  Choose a versatile coat, which will brighten up your outdoor getaways as well as your trips to work, coffee in hand. We particularly love the Scandinavian minimalist look and the distinguished colors of our new collection. A must see!


A warm coat that passes drafts is counterproductive. We pay special attention to the indestructible YKK zippers, the elastic cuffs that keep the gloves in place and prevent the sleeves from going up, at just the right height, to protect against vicious squalls ...



We dream of a real fur collar to display a touch of sophistication? Ookpik chooses farm furs that meet animal welfare standards. One more point to the news!

Ookpik also offers eco-friendly choices such as the SKY model, which is fur-free and insulated  with synthetic down made from recycled plastic bottles.


No, quality and style do not always come at the expense of your savings!

As proof, Ookpik offers coats at fair prices, some models even starting from $ 250. Leaving you with money for other stuff ! 

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  • Donaldnah
    Hi Look what we have for you! an interestingoffer Are you in?


  • Alice Duval
    Question? Est-ce que ces manteaux respirent bien et sont lavables?

  • Alexistuddy
    Hey a okfor the time being Upright click on the tie-up junior to to balance


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