Tricks to well store your winter clothes

Spring is finally here, time to remove some layers and put away the coats, wool sweaters and boots. Unless you have an oversized dressing room, seasonal changes are an opportunity to sort your clothes and store them efficiently to save space. Here are our little tricks about how to store your winter clothes!


First step: sorting! The first step for efficient storage is to get rid of what you no longer need!
Since it’s spring, take advantage of this opportunity to clear your dressing room.
Gather all your warm clothes, which you wear only in winter parkas, wool coats, thick scarves, large sweaters, hats etc...  Then look at each garment carefully to check its condition. Put aside all those who need cleaning or fixing, those you want to get rid of, because they are damaged or no longer fit, and finally the ones you can put away until next winter. Those Three stacks will give you a clearer view before you start!
It’s super important that don’t forget to clean your winter clothes before storing or giving them away, to avoid mold.

First step: sorting!
Goal: Have an airy closet so you don’t struggle again next winter to hang a sweater.




Now that the clothes to be cleaned and repaired are in good hands and those to be given or discarded are taken care of, you can focus on organizing the ones you keep. The more methodical you are, the easier your everyday life will be.
Between dust-covers, boxes and other baskets, make an inventory of all the types of storage you already have then the ones you would need to gain efficiency. Find here some clever storage that will save you a lot of space!
If you have a spacious attic or garage, now is the time to use it: you will be delighted not to have your winter clothes under your nose all summer long! Give yourself the illusion that summer is here forever!

Do you have everything you need to store your winter clothes? Otherwise, this is your chance to get a few storage bags and boxes. Trust me it would make your life so much easier!



Optimize your space by using furniture that you wouldn’t have thought of. For example, you have a decorative chest? Or bulky suitcases? These make perfect storage. Fold in the chest your big wool sweaters or the huge plaid that warms your cold nights. In the suitcases, your ski clothes, gloves, hats and scarves.

If you don’t have a garage or attic, optimise the space at home to create storage. How about an affordable and customizable storage solution ?



If you have a wardrobe, empty it completely to better organize it. Keep the less accessible areas for clothes that you won’t wear until next winter, as for the top part – which you usually only reach with a booster – and the bottom, where you most of time dive… blindly. fold those that don’t require ironing and hang the others with dust-covers.
Also consider using the top of the wardrobe, for the bulkiest belongings, try using vacuum seal bags, you won’t believe how much space you will gain!

Do you have a large wardrobe for your clothes? Keep the top shelves for your winter clothes. Hide away, the big sweaters and scarves! Time for dresses and t-shirts and hurray it’s Summer!



We rarely think about the space under the bed but it’s an ideal location because it is small and invisible, perfect for storage. Note that if your bed case is too low you can easily boost it without having to replace it. Again, Vacuum seal bags are your best friends. Also try adding small wheels to your boxes for an easier access.

Brood your winter clothes all summer by putting them under your bed. They’ll be ready to hatch for next winter

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